New miles in Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire

I drove out to the west of Cambridge to get a big ride in on some different roads. I used Strava's route planner and relied on their "popularity routing". As a consequence I was treated to some amazingly quiet roads and amazing scenery, only having trouble at one point where a bridge was closed (and had been for a while, evidently). The guided busway / bridleway was especially pleasant, and absolutely fine to ride on road tyres.

One-day tour of middle England #stages

Ride on 2021-10-26 06:10:54, at

Gear: Orro

Really nice riding on new roads - and mostly very quiet ones. Only downer was a closed bridge that forced me to divert through Milton Keynes roundabout vortex hell 😄

248km in 8:13:14

Average speed30.1 kmh
Max speed58.8 kmh
Average heart rate141 bpm
Average power194 Watts
Elevation gain1836 metres

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