Round Norfolk Ride - for a young'un!

Having realised that eleven was plenty old enough to be riding fifty miles in a day, my youngest son Michael set himself a challenge of riding around Norfolk in three days - around 70 miles per day! He was inspired by my one-day round-Norfolk sportive ride, but was quite sure that he didn't want to be setting off at 5AM...

Day one: North Walsham - Waveney Valley

We set off for the few miles to the coast at 9am, and then continued south-east down the coast road. After a hot couple of hours of riding, we had a brief stop by the beach at Winterton. Crossing the main bridge at Great Yarmouth we rode down to a pub at Oulton Broad for refreshments. A few more very hot hours later, we arrived at Kingfisher Meadows and made ourselves at home in the Shepherd's Hut. A fish & chip supper was sufficient to recover our missing calories!

Day two: Waveney Valley - Kings Lynn

An early morning shower meant that the roads were a bit damp - and we got slightly wet later on too due to a light shower. Our route took us through the Elvedon Estate and into the Fens, before an easy tailwind ride up to our guest house in Kings Lynn.

Day three: Kings Lynn - North Walsham

Low cloud kept temperatures down as we headed north up the coast to Hunstanton. Once we turned the corner at headed due east, the skies cleared and our speed increased - allowing us to get home nice and early.


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