RideLondon 2017

Location: Olympic Way, London, United Kingdom

It was quite a thrill riding on closed roads through central London and down into Surrey, finishing on the Mall in front of Buckingham Palace. The morning was dry and partly sunny, but heavy overnight rain had left loads of large puddles and standing water, making things damp to start with and lots of people stopping to fix punctures. I suffered two punctures too - so annoying!

Iceni Velo turned out in good numbers, and most of us got together at the Hampton Court stop (25 miles in) for a chat, sharing of puncture woes and a few photos.

RideLondon 2017

Ride on 2017-07-30 05:03:56, at with 34 others

Gear: Ridley Noah (Ridley Noah 1303am)

162km in 4:37:45

Average speed35.0 kmh
Max speed76.0 kmh
Average heart rate153 bpm
Elevation gain1646 metres

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