Matthew Parris - Cyclist's Friend or Foe?

Has Matthew Paris done cyclists some good after all? He wrote a column in the Times about how cyclists should be decapitated as penance for throwing drinks bottles into the hedgerows and for generally existing. Such was the well publicised outcry from a wide spectrum of groups that you can't help thinking that this has helped to improve the image of the downtrodden and victimised cyclist.

I'm not so sure, so I contacted the BBC (as Mr Parris is a long-serving Radio 4 presenter) to ask what action hey would take.

You can contact the BBC (Radio 4) directly using their BBC Programmes Feedback Form. Here is what I asked:

Will you be considering Matthew Parris' position on various Radio 4 programmes, following his outspoken and inciteful remarks regarding cyclists?

Here is a link to Matthew Parris' original article, and to his apology.


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