I used the wrong partition for the Linux Boot Loader!

I have Windows Vista installed on the main (RAID SATA) drives. When I installed FC-6 on a spare 30GB IDE drive, I think it put its boot loader onto this IDE drive. Unfortunately the SATA drives have higher boot priority so Vista still loads straight away.

There are two solutions to this I guess:

  • Change the boot sector on the SATA array so that it uses the FC-6 boot loader. Hopefully this won't nuke the Windows Vista boot.
  • Edit the Windows Vista boot menu so that it includes the Linux partition. This should be foolproof, as long as I choose the correct drive name in Vista's boot file.
Actually, there's a third, much easier, solution. My BIOS (on a Gigabyte K8NF-9 motherboard) has the option in its setp to select which hard disk to boot from. I selected the IDE drive and the problem was solved!


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