Art View: Great Technology Re-use

It is pleasing when a tried and tested technology finds a use in a substantially different environment, and especially when you say "That was so obvious!" upon hearing it.

This is the case for me with the Art Project powered by Google at You get to browse a choice of art museums around the world by using the familiar Google Maps interface (with some of the rough edges taken off). Choose a museum from the homepage, then click 'Explore the Museum'. You are then able to follow the hallways around the museum, clicking on pieces of art as they take your fancy.

The artworks are variously annotated with auxillary media (eg, videos), viewing notes, history and additional information, and information about the artist.

You also have the option of the floor plan, if you know a particular section you wish to visit. Note that the floor plan also shows how much (or little) of the museum is accessible - only the light grey areas are clickable.

This is an extremely efficient and intuitive interface. I wonder when real estate agents will start using it for online property viewings?


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