Qwiki goes trigger-happy with email

Qwiki is such a promising concept in making search results more 'user friendly' that it will be quickly forgiven for sending out its "Qwiki of the Day - Dec. 28" around a dozen times to each member. Its blog reckons that only a small number of people were affected, so presumably they jumped on the issue pretty quickly. I still received two emails for the December 30th Qwiki of the Day, but I guess that this is the last of these issues.

There are a couple of lessons for service providers:

  • Apologise soon Don't just ignore the bad thing you've just done, even if it only affects a few people. Fess up and explain how it's being improved.
  • Be watchful for configuration changes and gremlins Just because something worked fine hundreds or thousands of times in the past, something (maybe out of your control) may have changed or a time-bomb of some description may be lurking.

Read Qwiki's full explanation at: Apology on 12.28.10 Email Issues.


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