Wireless Headset (Stereo)

I've just ordered a Plantronics .Audio 995 Digital Wireless Stereo Headset from Amazon UK, although the Creative Labs HS-1200 Digital Wireless Headset (also from Amazon UK) was a tempting alternative at the same price.

Comments on the Plantronics headset:

Though the headset could have used rechargeable AAA batteries or a cradle-like charging unit, the current USB based charging mechanism is reasonably fast and it will probably prove more compact and useful.
The earcups are well fitting and comfortable.
Installation is simple -- both Windows and LINUX recognise the USB dongle as a plug and play audio device.
When within range the audio quality is at virtually 100% with only very infrequent and slight dropouts.
Comfort is also good -- I'm able to use the headset for a couple of hours straight without problems.
While the audio quality of this headset is slightly below that of my previous Sennheiser headphones, the audio quality is still good. There is a decent amount of bass and spoken audio is very clear.


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