Yahoo! Answers For Content?

Here's a suggestion from Internet Marketing Firm if you're having trouble thinking of material for your blog: Use Yahoo! Answers. It's easy to create a '10 Ways' list of tips, according to the author Vince Blackham.

Blackham offers a few tips on how to mine the social media hub for content ideas. For example, he knew nothing about marathon running, but he was able to gather enough info from Yahoo! Answers to develop a good overview. "I could create a simple "How to" checklist for budding athletes entitled '10 Unforgettable Items for Your First Triathlon'," he says. Other suggestions include helping people cope with their fear of flying and tips for boosting workplace morale. There are literally thousands of ideas that a few searches can help you fathom, says Blackham, but he adds that you should also do your own research to make sure that the answers are factual and correct. "That way you don't make yourself look like an idiot by doing a simple copy and paste," he cautions.


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