Quiet Media Center PC

Our current lounge PC is rather noisy and ugly, and is also prone to crashing. High-graphics games will suddenly hang, until allowed to continue by task manager intervention. Windows Media Center will occasionally (quite rarely really) bomb out with the sound of static and a completely frozen PC - reboot required.

We could get a new PC base unit, say the Inspiron 530 from Dell for around £400.

We could also get a new smart media center PC like the Tsunami Intel MJR2 Media Centre HTPC.

Or just get a Zalman HD160+ Home Theatre PC Case for around £160 and fit our current PC bits inside. It does need an ATX PSU.

There's also the Silverstone LC16M Silver Case for £160. It does need an ATX PSU.

The ThermalTake Bach Media Lab case is £119 from MicroDirect.co.uk, and comes with its own remote, but no PSU.


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