15-mile Time Trial: East District Championships

Taking place on at 7PM

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This is an evening event, hosted by CC Breckland and run on the A11 dual carriageway from Attleborough. There's a tandem category, and entry closes on June 22. CC Breckland start sheet. Event Headquarters: Morley Village Hall. There is a 'quick' 4-mile route from the HQ to the start, over the gravel walking bridge (linking the two ends of West Carr Road), but not recommended for those who don't know it. The more straightforward route is to go into Attleborough and then go out on the old A11 (London Road) to the roundabout, and ride back up the A11 towards Norwich and turn off into the start road. It's over 6 miles, so you do need to leave plenty of time. Pictured right, you can view the long route from the HQ to the start on gmap-pedometer.com.

START: at paint mark on road in West Carr road and proceed 0.194 miles to join A11 Eastbound. Proceed East to Browick interchange, take slip road signed Mulbarton and proceed to Browick roundabout (1), take 3rd exit and proceed over bridge to Browick roundabout (2), take 2nd exit to rejoin A11 Westbound. Proceed West on A11 to FINISH under the pedestrian bridge on the A11 joining West Carr road.

B15/1 HQ to start

B15/1 HQ to start


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After finishing, take a left at the next roundabout, and head back through Attleborough on the old London Road. This is a six-mile ride.

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By John Swindells

Category: Time Trialling