10-mile time trial: CC Breckland

Taking place on at 7PM

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A brisk south-westerly breeze made the outward leg down the A11 a bit of a slog, and a lot of riders would probably have been spinning out on the return leg as speeds topped 35mph. I had a comfortable ride, trying to keep the effort down a bit so that I didn't exacerbate my cold/cough, but was frustrated at the start of the return leg as I struggled to zip up my skinsuit that was hanging half open! Fastest man was Jim Burgess (Anglia Velo), completing the 10 miles in 20:43. I finished 13th, with a time of 21:57. Full results at ccbreckland.info.

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A dual carriageway course hosted by CC Breckland, for 60 fastest riders and 15 tandems. Entries close on 1 June. See the CTT entry page

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By John Swindells

Category: Time Trialling


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My name is John Swindells and I'm a keen recreational cyclist with a preference for long one-day rides. I've also previously dabbled in time trialling and cyclo-cross. See more of what I get up to on Strava!