Eastern Cross League 2017/18

Taking place on at 12AM

Now that the league is open for online registration, I thought it would be good to have a page of useful information about it.


To sign up, you'll need to be a BC member. Go to The Eastern Cross profile on the BC website, make sure that you're signed in (your name should be at the top left of the page), and select 'Buy League Membership'. Choose your right category: you need to use your age as on December 31st 2017. If you have any questions, it's best to send a message to BC (via their website) or to Eastern Cross - www.easterncross.org.uk.


The official list is on the Eastern Cross League webpage. You should also keep an eye on the homepage for latest news.

There is also an events list on the BC website, which is important as you can enter online for some of the races.

For other news and member discussions, head over to the Eastern Cross Facebook group. It's a closed group, so you'll need to ask to join.

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By John Swindells

Category: Cyclocross