Backup costs

The Rackspace Cloud Servers platform has a convenient backup snapshot system, for the smaller-sized instances. These can be images both on-demand (snapshots) and scheduled (backups) of the Cloud Server. Until recently some customers have not been charged for their images, but now all customers will have their backup images stored on Cloud Files where there is a storage charge of $0.15/GB/month. Charges have been incurred without customers being warned of this change, which isn't good practice for a company as experienced at customer service as Rackspace.

The Rackspace Cloud’s stated policy on images is that a customer will be charged for their images (both scheduled and on-demand) according to how much data is stored in the image at a rate of $0.15/GB per month. They understand that you may have not been prepared for these changes in your backup service, and that if you have concerns about this billing or questions pertaining to your backups then you should contact their support team at 1-877-934-0407 or by Live Chat via your control panel.


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