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Here are some ride statistics for RT316. If you want to contribute your own activities to this club, please head over to the Eddington Leaderboard for Clubs and let us know which activities you do for RT316.


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Total distance 0 miles
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Maximum distance 0 miles on 01 January 1970 by 0 athletes
Maximum time 0 hours on 01 January 1970 by 0 athletes


by Malcolm Rawlins on 31 July 2020 Reply
Hi John ... I've tried to update my primary club (Horsham Cycling - circa 130 members) but still seeing the Eddington number for the previous one. Doesn't seem to be saving details for the new club?
by John Swindells on 31 July 2020 Reply
Hi Malcolm, I've just checked and there seems to be an issue with changing your primary club. I'll let you know when it's fixed!
by Malcolm Rawlins on 20 August 2020 Reply
Hi John, any progress with the second club issue? I wouldn't normally ask but I'm writing an article Eddington numbers for the Horsham Cycling club newsletter, attempting to encourage more participants, and I would really like to be able to say what the club E# is. Thanks Malcolm
by John Swindells on 20 August 2020 Reply
Hi again Malcolm, I've updated it now - so you can add multiple clubs (with different joining dates of course) for the same activity type. Please let me know if it works for you!
by Malcolm Rawlins on 20 August 2020 Reply
Yep that's fixed it, many thanks John.

One query ... the club Eddington number is less than my own 67/69, I was expecting it to be higher? I'm obviously not quite understanding how the club number works.

by John Swindells on 21 August 2020 Reply
You have another club for ride activities since Jan 1 2020, so rides since that date won't be attributed to Horsham CC. That's probably the cause of the difference? I've just added the ability to delete a club from your club history list, if that's what you want to do!
by Malcolm Rawlins on 21 August 2020 Reply
Thanks John ... I deleted the Jan 1 2020 club but the Eddington score for my chosen club is still 67?
by John Swindells on 22 August 2020 Reply
Ah, you also have some rides prior to 2014 (your joining date for Horsham), eg London-Brighton in 2008 & 2009. These probably account for the difference.
by michele on 19 October 2019 Reply
velogram mi da errore massage bad request errore e non si connette piu a strava
by John Swindells on 20 October 2019 Reply
Sorry, I don't know anything about velogram!
by Dave Stuart on 29 August 2019 Reply
I'm wondering how this works. I can see my Eddington number and used the link to to get to the club page. Problem is I can't see any of the clubs of which I am a member.
by John Swindells on 29 August 2019 Reply
Hi Dave, it looks like there was a change to the Strava API. I've fixed it now, so you should be able to choose your main club for each type of activity.
by Dave Styart on 29 August 2019 Reply
Thanks John. Now I can see my clubs. Next question is how many members do I need to get signed up to calculate a club Eddington? Is it an absolute umber or a percentage of club members?
by John Swindells on 10 September 2019 Reply
Hi again Dave, just to let you know that I just fixed another issue with the page that was preventing your club history from being saved. It should work fine now!
by John Swindells on 30 August 2019 Reply
Thanks for alerting me to the issue, Dave :)

I think there's a minimum of five members for stats to appear.

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