2018 Century rides

by Strava athlete John Swindells

Date Activity Time Distance Elevation
07 Jan 2018 Long ride incorporating the East Anglian CC 50-mile reliability ride 5:15:39 168.4km 1024.6metres 0km
12 Jan 2018 Westward to Hunstanton, with a bit of north and south for good measure 6:09:20 203.5km 1158.9metres 11035km
14 Jan 2018 Looping the loop on the IV club ride to In a Spin 5:20:27 161.9km 960.6metres 0km
17 Jan 2018 Dosh withdrawal and World Horse Welfare meeting 5:48:47 167km 839.2metres 8597km
25 Jan 2018 Visiting Needham Market, in beautiful sunshine ☀️ 6:38:44 206.1km 1245.2metres 52966km
01 Feb 2018 Stiff breeze to Sutton Bridge 6:26:06 201.7km 1074.4metres 23021km
11 Feb 2018 Ely Hardriders ‘25 time trial, and a ride home 5:32:56 183.7km 802.3metres 54552km
14 Mar 2018 Loop around south Norfolk in the sunshine, then a few training laps with Michael 5:38:51 177.6km 935metres 0km
22 Mar 2018 Mild conditions for a long TT ride to West Norfolk 4:51:30 161.1km 1016metres 0km
08 Apr 2018 Hell of the Norfolk - Iceni Velo club ride with Gary 6:18:23 176.9km 852.4metres 0km
19 Apr 2018 Lightly roasted 5:10:43 161.4km 734metres 5966km
26 Apr 2018 All-day ride down to Mildenhall 6:33:20 201.4km 980metres 38568km
07 May 2018 ECCA 200k Audax: quiet lanes and quite warm 7:45:32 215.8km 1341metres 194514km
20 May 2018 Café Cadence IV club ride - with some extra 6:51:40 205.7km 1066metres 0km
24 May 2018 Century training ride - happy with that 4:28:34 161.1km 887metres 0km
27 May 2018 IV fast group club ride to Cromer 5:01:22 162.5km 944metres 0km
31 May 2018 Norfolk to Somerset 10:05:36 302.9km 2958metres 245134km
04 Jun 2018 Headwind back home from Clacton 5:30:10 166.7km 909metres 68345km
13 Jun 2018 Watching the Women’s Tour flash past with Richard Reade 6:06:34 189.8km 1119metres 19540km
16 Jun 2018 IV Saturday fast club ride - with Jay, Andrew and Thomas 5:04:41 162.7km 906.2metres 6375km
30 Jun 2018 Early doors - longer test of the new TT rig 5:14:47 177.5km 902metres 0km
05 Jul 2018 Six hours in the hot Norfolk sun 5:56:28 201.6km 1116metres 7363km
15 Jul 2018 EDCA 100-mile time trial 4:02:49 161.1km 530metres 0km
21 Jul 2018 Suffolk Lanes Extravaganza 7:10:46 210.9km 1051metres 157135km
29 Jul 2018 IV club ride to Café Cadence #wet #windy 5:27:03 163.8km 790metres 3601km
01 Aug 2018 Trying to find my 12-hr pace 5:50:21 186.6km 999metres 0km
05 Aug 2018 CC Breckland 12-hr time trial (district champs) 11:22:32 399.2km 1577metres 0km
11 Aug 2018 Down to Bury for CX organisers meeting 6:04:17 202km 1090metres 31050km
19 Aug 2018 Tour de Broads - and I wasn’t going to waste diesel going down there was I! 7:33:16 225.3km 969metres 19690km
27 Aug 2018 Going Coastal - day 1. Mundesley to Stratford-upon-Avon 10:02:07 268.8km 1394metres 170432km
28 Aug 2018 Going Coastal - day 2. Stratford-upon-Avon to Carmarthen 8:10:24 216.4km 2147metres 208712km
29 Aug 2018 Going Coastal - day 3. Carmarthen to Llanafan 8:56:41 214.3km 3238metres 195445km
30 Aug 2018 Going Coastal - day 4. Llanafan to Loughborough 9:06:27 231.6km 2529metres 198192km
31 Aug 2018 Going Coastal - day 5. Loughborough to Mundesley 7:31:35 209km 1006metres 105967km
02 Sep 2018 Parsons Peddler with Iceni Velo 5:45:42 168.3km 912metres 28671km
16 Sep 2018 Loops of North Norfolk on the IV club ride to Walcott 5:15:10 165.7km 837metres 4575km
19 Sep 2018 Storm Ali gave me a nice push home 😀 6:05:57 201.2km 1286metres 18973km
27 Sep 2018 Innsbruck Challenge Norfolk-style 8:06:29 268.8km 1412metres 73970km
10 Oct 2018 Charming Suffolk 6:33:15 203.6km 1061metres 49661km
14 Oct 2018 Silly Suffolk! 7:15:43 216.2km 1029metres 99872km
22 Oct 2018 Bish bosh Boston! 8:01:59 261.2km 974metres 47727km
28 Oct 2018 IV club ride to St Peters, accompanied by rather aggressive weather 5:51:32 166.4km 857metres 2468km
31 Oct 2018 Fabulous day for a ride to Ipswich 6:14:49 205km 1234metres 6174km
08 Nov 2018 Clockwise caper into Suffolk 7:03:16 205.5km 877metres 19509km
10 Dec 2018 Coast road and Breckland 6:25:45 202.2km 1245metres 8126km
14 Dec 2018 Hand delivering some Xmas cards 5:51:06 174.9km 1086metres 19676km
27 Dec 2018 Getting my #festive500 back on track 6:23:44 205.2km 1078metres 16582km
Total of 47 activities 308:02:55 9450.2km 54978.8metres 0km


by Kristopher on 15 April 2024
14 April 2024 and this page shows 140 days on the "ride" tab and 281 days on the "walk" tab while only 105 days have occurred this year.
by John Swindells on 15 April 2024
It sounds like you're looking at the "one year" stats (the last 365 days). Can you send a screenshot of what you're seeing to webmaster@swinny.net please?
by Ausied on 28 August 2023
Hi John , have noticed a bit of a glitch . I reached E101 on August 12th with a combo of 2 rides due to be hitting save part way through a ride and yesterday I rec'd notification that I am back on E100 and have 3 more activities to reach E101 , today I had a count up of all my rides over 101 miles on the ride summary page and there is 101
by John Swindells on 28 August 2023
This is unfortunately caused by a bug fix! I hadn't been using an accurate conversion factor from metres to miles, so was giving you more miles than I should. It's accurate now, and your adjustment down must mean that you had a few days that were actually just shy of 101 miles. Sorry for the confusion!
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by Jeroen on 21 February 2022
Thanks for the great tool. Just one Q: why does the km and mile E-number not match (in my case).

KM: 105

Miles: 70

But using the 1.609 conversion I would get to 112, which does not match my number of rides over 112km. Am I missing something?

by John Swindells on 21 February 2022
Glad to hear that you like it, Jeroen. The reason for the km/miles discrepancy though, is because the count also factors into the formula - so a score of 112 needs 112 days at that distance, whether it's in km or in miles.
by Jarek on 16 December 2021
How is the "New distance" metric calculated? I can't find such an attribute in the data pulled from the Strava API.
by John Swindells on 16 December 2021
Hi Jarek, I calculate this myself by storing activity co-ordinates and figuring out for a new activity which co-ordinates are new. It's a bit crude, but gives a reasonable estimate of the new distance covered.
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by Gonzalo on 02 November 2021
Hi John, great insights!

I was hoping to be one step closer to 46 (km) but somewhow, of the rides for 01 Nov 2021 only read one of the two rides I did (one started home, finished mid-trip (28ish km), and the second started a few minutes later from where the first ended, and went all the way home again (21ish km)... only the first appears, so instead of a 49 kms day, i've got a 28 kms day)

Just checking to see if this is something particular of this day, a bug, or how it would be expected to work.

Thanks again, Gonzalo!

by John Swindells on 03 November 2021
Hi Gonzalo! I've been doing some server maintenance work recently, so it may be that your other ride was missed out. Best thing to do is for you to check my little "Help Guide" (link at the top left of the page).
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by Malcolm Rawlins on 23 September 2020
Hi John. I've been making use of the Activity Analyser, a very useful tool! One observation; it asks for the ride parameters in miles but gives the results in metric which, unless I've missed a control somewhere, seems illogical? Would it also be possible to add an ascent filter? Cheers Malcolm
by John Swindells on 03 October 2020
And... you've now got an ascent filter!
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