Faster Motorway Speeds: Who Cares?

A Government announcement last week (Thursday 29 September 2011) to consult on raising the UK's motorway speed limit from 70mph to 80mph had various people revving their metaphorical engines. Radio 5 Live coverage included car veteran Quentin Wilson coming on an proclaiming that such a move would improve fuel efficiency as it would "get the country moving". He seemed to be thinking that a higher speed limit would prevent traffic jams, but interviewer Peter Allen didn't pick him up on this. Apparently most listener feedback was positive, although concerns about safety and emissions were strongly voiced too.

What do you think? There is a poll active on Facebook which I'd like you to take part in: Are you in favour of the proposed UK motorway speed limit from 70 to 80mph? Please add your own answer if nothing else really fits your view.

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