Transport and Travel

New miles in Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire

I drove out to the west of Cambridge to get a big ride in on some different roads. I used Strava's route planner and relied on their "popularity routing". As a consequence I was treated to some amazingly quiet roads and amazing scenery, ... (more)

Cycling Performance Programme

Performance Programme My plan and diary for cycling in 2022 will focus on audaxes (long-distance rides) throughout the year, peaking in August for London-Edinburgh-London. 2022 targets Complete the Audax UK Randonneur 2500 award (200 ... (more)

A Social Feed

This is a feed of everything I'm interested in, filtered and categorised according to my choices. Channels: Twitter (multiple accounts) Facebook groups Facebook pages Google+ LinkedIn Flickr Youtube Website RSS Webpage updates ... (more)

John Swindells

John Swindells I am a career professional in software development, becoming proficient in various systems and languages since 1992. In recent years I have been especially active in web and mobile app projects. I stepped down in April ... (more)

Crivit products

The Crivit® product range If you're looking for outdoors clothing or accessories, you could do worse than to browse the Crivit® range. Crivit® is a brand of German supermarket Lidl's, so it's most convenient for UK customers to head down ... (more)


Terms of Use These terms of use govern your use of our site. Please read these terms in full before you use this Website. If you do not accept these terms of use, please do not use this Website. Your continued use of this site confirms your ... (more)

My New-Distance Eddington Number

The New-Distance Eddington Number is the greatest number of days that you've travelled that far on new roads/trails. So, if you've managed 30 or more 30-mile days, then your number is 30. If you've only managed 20 or more 20-mile days ... (more)

Collars on!

Elsa and Tess had "the op" yesterday, and are struggling to cope with their collars. If they're not trying to get them off, they're just moping around and being basically rather miserable. (more)

Exploring the back garden

This is Tess and Elsa's first time outside. Tess is happy to explore (a bit), but Elsa really isn't sure about it. (more)

Hanging out in the lounge

Here are Tess and Elsa, having a bit of fun in the lounge! (more)

200k "Off the rails" DIY Audax

Keen to open my Audax account for 2022, and lacking any nearby calendar events, I opted to create a DIY entry. Given the time of year and increased likelihood of abandoning, I decided to keep the route close to train stations - and then made ... (more)

Elsa with a mouse

We gave Elsa a dead mouse today (from an electrocuter mouse trap) and she absolutely loved playing with it! She would grab it, toss it around and pounce on it. Sister Tess wasn't remotely interested. (more)

London-Edinburgh-London 2022

The 2021 edition of LEL was postponed by a year (due to COVID-19, of course), and is now schedule to start on August 7 - finishing on August 12. There is a four-day option, to make the challenge even harder. The route is 1550km (963 miles ... (more)

Blickling Half Marathon

The Blickling Half Marathon took place in fairly normal conditions, with a mass start and sensible anti-covid precautions in place. (more)