Commute with confidence

British Cycling (BC) is going public with its message to get people commuting by bike. It is putting adverts on the backs of buses, to really get the attention of motorists who might not have thought much about cycling to work. Commute with Confidence is the message, and we are encouraged to do a web search for "British Cycling Commuting". Excellent!

Commuting isn't a traditional element of British Cycling. The organisation is renowned for cycle racing and fitness regimes, but commuting often plays an integral part of a racing cyclist's training schedule. For the non-competitive cyclist, BC's commuting tips and advice are still relevant, so have a read: Latest Commuting News, features and reports and How to commute by bike.

The UK's main cycling body for campaigning and recreation is the Cyclist's Touring Club (CTC), and its commuting section should be a big help if you're thinking about cycle commuting for the first time.


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