Hands-free Phone doesn't mean Both Hands off the Wheel!

I recently had the misfortune to witness an Environment Agency employee driving along, in an Environment Agency truck, playing with his phone on his lap, with no hands on the wheel! I saw this clearly as I was sat at an upstairs window in my home as he drove past: driving dangerously past my house and without any thought for what effect his idiotic attitude could have on the lives of other people.

I didn't report this imbecile to the Police, as they don't care about mobile phone use whilst driving. I did however report it to the Environment Agency, and was pleased that the two contacts I spoke with took it seriously. The suspected driver in was questioned about this, denied having done it, expressed surprise that anybody could notice them doing it, but nonetheless was given a warning that using a phone whilst driving was unacceptable.

I'd like to thank Christine Dulake and her team at Corporate Services, Anglian Region of the Environment Agency, for listening to my complaint, believing me, and ultimately taking internal action.


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