Road Rage - BBC1

On BBC One tonight, London road rage is in the spotlight. It features 4x4 hating and angry 4x4 drivers, cyclists who won't stop at pedestrian lights, cyclists who jump red junction lights, the deadly left turn by lorries, naked cyclists, dangerous and non-existent pedestrian crossings and traffic wardens on patrol during the school run.

Naomi Reynard is a Hampstead school-run Mum, protesting against removal of car parking permits for the school run. In response to the statistic that 50% of morning motorised traffic is due to the school run, her response is 'What about the other 50%?'. What a joke!

It must be very difficult for everyone to live in such congested areas as Hampstead, and there clearly isn't enough space on the roads there for everyone to get on calmly, patiently and humanely. It really isn't this bad everywhere though, is it!

A website under study is where people are encouraged to submit pictures and video footage of bad driving. Some subscribers feature hands-free cameras recording all the time while they are driving. Good for them. I wish I could have a same sort of facility.

Here are some helmet-mount cameras:

Emma Davies-Jones is interviewed, but won't cycle around her home town (Manchester) because in 2005 she was floored by a car driver who turned left across her. Ironically, she was on her way to the Manchester Velodrome at the time. Despite breaking her back, she fully recovered to get a bronze at the Commonwealth Games 3km pursuit several months later.

Des Kay, Environmental Educator, is interviewed whilst on a London critical mass. Car drivers fume, of course. Literally.


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