TrafficTV: TrafficMaster on Your Mobile

TrafficTV ( is a system that provides trafficmaster data to your mobile phone. Clearly this means that you need to have your mobile phone switched on and visible to you whilst driving, to act like a SatNav device.

I emailed the company ( with this enquiry:

How would I be able to use this service on my mobile, if I'm not allowed to use a mobile whilst driving?
The next day (23 Dec 2007) I received this response:
Just start the application before you drive off, set it to auto refresh the data and place it in a holder on the dash....then you only have to glance at it, you can set it to night colours just like a Tom Tom etc.

Alternatively a passenger can use it for you.

This is all well and good, but what happens when the phone rings? Are you really going to just ignore it while it's sat there in full view? Of course you're not, so the application seems destined to rack up points on the poor driver's licence.


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