Experiences of Speed Limit Campaign

When we moved to North Walsham, the road we live on was technically de-restricted (ie, National Speed Limit). The road starts out at 30mph and is as quite wide and straight. For a hundred or so yards before it gets to us it's a single-width lane with no footpaths. The road is generally really quiet, so there's not really a problem, but we did feel that the speed limit should be no more than 30mph until beyond our group of houses. Enquiries with neighbours revealed that they'd already pushed for this over a year previous, with 'promises' from the council but no action taken. We wrote a group letter, signed by everyone from our group of houses, requesting that the work be completed. The reply was positive but guarded, that the work was still planned but that funds had not yet been made available. Around four months later, a couple of weeks ago, the new signs have gone up! We are now in a 30mph zone. Time will tell if anyone pays any attention, but at least the message is clear.


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