Response from Phil Harris (Labour Party)

Here is what Phil Harris had to say in response to my query:

I agree a lot more can be done regarding safe routes to schools. The idea about the 20mph campaign is to produce a simple message that the vast majority of people can support, particularly parents. If this campaign means that people talk about what else can be done all the better.

The current plan for the campaign is to deliver newsletters in residential areas close to schools and areas where there is a high proportion of familles with children. The newsletter has a petition one the back which can be sign and returned back to myself. There are also larger petition forms for individuals who want to collect signatures outside schools etc.

Once we have signatures covering most of North Norfolk the plan is to hand the petition over at a Norfolk County Council Cabinet meeting asking them to take action and look at including the funding in their budgets. If we get enough signatures we hope it will be difficult for them to argue against.

The whole campaign is part of a national campaign to "reclaim the streets"

If you can help in anyway that would be most grateful.


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