Alba DAB Radio Reviewed

Here is the Alba DAB Radio, purchased from Sainsbury's for ?50. It was on offer for ?30 but we were too slow to get around to it.

The radio works well, and the reception quality is generally really good. It does occasionally throw up 'Signal Error's, presumably when the signal strength is weaker than usual, but even then the radio broadcast almost always continues unaffected.

This is only a small unit, so don't expect much when you turn the volume up. There are no equaliser settings (as far as I know). You can have buttons preset for your favourite stations, and the choice in the DAB spectrum is quite large (around 30 for us in North Norfolk).

There is only one downside with this unit - the hum. It's not noticeable when the radio's on, but when it's turned off and the room is quiet there is a definite hum, loud enough to be annoying. You can turn the radio off at the wall to solve this, and it will remember all your settings when you turn it back on - except for the last station you were listening to and the volume you had! Never mind, it's mostly a good piece of kit.


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