7-Seater People Carrier MPVs

We are looking for a seven or eight seater people carrier to lug us and our stuff on infrequent long-ish journeys. There are six of us in our family, and so far we've managed by taking the train as well as the car. That's not always going to be possible though.

We have several requirements:

  1. Economical.
  2. Straightforward to remove unused seats (helps with point #1, and good for load-hauling).
  3. Reliable.
  4. No frills; air conditioning and electric windows would be nice, but not essential. Anything else is just extra weight and something to go wrong.
Our current car, a VW Passat, has proved to be extremely fuel efficient and reliable, despite having almost 140K miles on the clock. It is rough around the edges, but gets 60MPG and still drives supremely smoothly. Here are the models we know of that may be suitable:
  • Citroen C8 : 182-229g/km (VCA Data)
  • Toyota Previa
  • Ford Galaxy : 165-235g/km
  • Vauxhall Zafira : 162-230g/km
  • VW Caravelle
  • Renault Espace : 196-243g/km
  • Daewoo Tacuma
  • Kia Sedona : 199-255g/km
  • Toyota Lucida
  • Mazda Bongo
  • Fiat Doblo : 137-178g/km *only five seats.
  • Fiat Multipla *only five seats.
  • Fiat Ulysse
  • Renault Kangoo : 139-190g/km
  • Chrysler Voyager : 203-234g/km
  • Peugeot 807 : 182-229g/km


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