Norwich ABC 10-mile time trial (inc youth champs)

Location: Wortwell, Harleston, UK

Scattered showers across the region didn't materialise during the event in the Waveney Valley, giving riders warm, overcast weather with just a mild breeze from the south-west. Only one rider (Dan Blackburn) managed to get under 21 minutes though, as the region's fastest time triallists were in action on a fast dual carriageway course in Cambridgeshire.

Results: Men

1 Dan Blackburn Epic Orange Race Team 00:20:48
2 Julian Bosley Stowmarket & District CC 00:21:10
3 Peter Kerry Plomesgate CC 00:21:15
8 John Swindells Iceni Velo 00:21:58

Results: Women

1 Gillian Leech Loose Cannon's Conditioning 00:23:16
2 Denise Hurren Sole Bay Cycle Sport 00:23:19
3 Kerry Tate Newmarket Cycling & Tri Club 00:23:41

Results: Juniors

3 Michael Swindells Iceni Velo 00:28:59

Full results on the CTT website

My youngest son Michael took part in his first ever time trial, and didn't absolutely hate it!

I was happy with my ride, putting out a fairly consistent power throughout:

Norwich ABC 10-mile TT #teamzwatt

Ride on 2021-07-03 13:24:58, at with 3 others

Gear: Ridley Noah TT

16km in 0:22:03

Average speed43.9 kmh
Max speed51.8 kmh
Average heart rate174 bpm
Average power342 Watts
Elevation gain25 metres

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