CC Breckland 50-mile time trial

Location: Attleborough, UK

Serious heat and sun put paid to many people's hopes in this event, with an astonishing 26 DNFs. Combined with 15 DNS, that reduced the start sheet of 86 down to 45.

Results: Men

1 Mark Smith Crawley Wheelers 01:44:52
2 Chris Holmes Twickenham CC 01:46:07
3 David Shepherd a3crg 01:48:05
11 John Swindells Iceni Velo 01:55:55

Results: Women

1 Jackie Field CC Ashwell 01:54:32
2 Becky Taylor Wisbech Wheelers 01:57:33
3 Katja Rietdorf Born to Bike-Bridgetown 01:57:47

Full results are available on the CTT website.

I was one of the finishers, but for the first fifteen miles I was continuously wondering what on earth I was doing there. Having let my power drop to a more manageable level, I managed to persevere - and even found the last ten miles reasonably comfortable. One factor that helped with controlling my power was that I accidentally adjusted my rear mech such that I couldn't get into top gear; this meant that I was able frequently able to get into the top gear available and just hold it, without worrying about trying to get into the top gear I was used to.

CC Breckland 50-mile time trial - 1:55:55

Ride on 2019-06-29 15:54:58, at

Gear: Ribble TT bike

81km in 1:56:00

Average speed41.6 kmh
Max speed56.9 kmh
Average heart rate164 bpm
Average power265 Watts
Elevation gain268 metres

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A cute feature of the host village was a teddy bear hunt, and lots of giant straw teddy bears were scattered about. They were very imaginatively constructed, and fun to look out for!

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