CC Breckland New Year 10-mile time trial

Location: Attleborough, UK

This was a great way to start the year for the 20-odd time trialists. A mild northerly wind proved to be great for shelter on the run up and down the A11, but it was still amazing that the winning time was sub-20-minutes.

Results: Men

1 Stuart Fairweather Team Velo 00:19:58
2 Lucas He Cambridge Uni CC 00:20:21
3 Mark Richards DAP CC 00:20:22
4 Simon Scott Anglia Velo 00:21:10
7 John Swindells Iceni Velo 00:22:07

CC Breckland New Years Day 10-mile time trial

Ride on 2019-01-01 11:21:58, at with 2 others

Gear: Ridley Noah TT

16km in 0:22:13

Average speed43.6 kmh
Max speed51.5 kmh
Average heart rate176 bpm
Average power332 Watts
Elevation gain61 metres

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