EDCA 12-hour time trial champs

Location: Hingham, United Kingdom

Fewer than 40 competitors managed to finish the 2018 edition of CC Breckland's 12-hour time trial, due in large part to the heat. Temperatures were easily in the high 20's, and a lot of heat was being reflected from the surface of the A11 (where most of the miles were ridden).

I managed 248 miles, not as much as I'd managed in my only other successful ride (in 1996), but satisfying nonetheless. I kept up a good fluid intake, and was eating home-made flapjacks throughout the morning. I stopped after 5 1/2 hrs for a 10-minute sandwich and coffee break, which perked me up a lot. I was starting to tire and hurt as the heat grew (mostly painful feet), and had to stop for 20 minutes at 3pm to rest and drink more coffee. That was enough to perk me up for the last three hours. wet sponges on my feet were a big help to cool them down and ease the pain.

CC Breckland 12-hr time trial (district champs)

Ride on 2018-08-05 05:09:00, at with 1 others

Gear: Ridley Noah TT

399km in 11:22:32

Average speed35.1 kmh
Max speed54.0 kmh
Average heart rate153 bpm
Average power185 Watts
Elevation gain1577 metres

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