EDCA 100-mile time trial champs

Location: Morley St Peter, United Kingdom

Over 100 riders took to the start line for 100 miles of bashing up and down the A11, in warm, calm and sunny conditions. The thermometer was up to the mid-20's by mid-morning, making life and hydration difficult for many riders.

Results: Men

1 Charles Mitchell ...a3crg 03:26:09
2 Tim McEvoy Camel Valley C & TC 03:30:25
3 Ben Stancombe Team Velo Velocity.co.uk 03:32:11
38 John Swindells Iceni Velo 04:02:39

Results: Women

1 Alice Lethbridge Drag2Zero 03:42:03
2 Kimberley Halton-Farrow Drag2Zero 03:44:50
3 Laura Bartlett ...a3crg 03:49:51

Full results on the CTT website

Bruce Williams (N Norfolk Wheelers) has written a report - The Duel in the Sun

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