Norwich ABC 25-mile time trial

Location: Wortwell, South Norfolk District, United Kingdom

Scattered showers managed to stay away during the event, and there was only minimal dampness on the A143 bypass between Bungay and Harleston. A gentle northerly breeze set things up for fast times, although nobody managed to get under 56 minutes. Stuart Fairweather (Plomesgate CC) rode very well with a time of 55:58, and as his minute man I was caught after around 17 miles. Stuart unfortunately went into a bit of a bad patch at that point, and I was forced to go back past him. He eventually caught me again when I was held up at a roundabout, and went on to gap me properly.

I drove down to Norwich and from there rode 15 miles down to the event - getting a bit damp and chilled on the way. Here's my TT effort on Strava:

Norwich ABC 25-mile time trial: a bit chilly for my liking!

Ride on 2016-10-09 08:09:56, at with 2 others

Gear: Ribble TT bike

40km in 0:57:24

Average speed42.3 kmh
Max speed46.8 kmh
Average heart rate168 bpm
Average power259 Watts
Elevation gain35 metres

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