CC Breckland 10-mile time trial (East District Champs)

Location: Swaffham, United Kingdom

Multiple last-minute roadworks in the area made things difficult for CC Breckland's Geoff Muller, but he and Don Saunders worked hard to lay out the event on an old sporting course. The course was so old that Don had to ride around it to determine the correct end point! Well, by the evening the weather was so grim that only a third of the competitors turned up: there were only eleven starters! We toughed it out in poor visibility and a strong northerly, drizzly wind, with nobody puncturing or coming off on the damp, bumpy lanes with lots of technical turns. Huge thanks and kudos go to the marshals who braved the elements without complaint.

Results: Men

1 John Swindells Iceni Velo 00:23:58
2 Angus Jardine Ipswich BC 00:24:13
3 Stuart Fairweather Plomesgate CC 00:24:16
4 Geoff Frost Team Velo 00:24:21

CC Breckland 10-mile time trial - win!

Ride on 2016-06-01 18:16:03, at

Gear: Ribble TT bike

16km in 0:23:59

Average speed40.5 kmh
Max speed53.6 kmh
Average heart rate168 bpm
Average power320 Watts
Elevation gain26 metres

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