Gt Yarmouth CC Good Friday '10 (10-mile time trial)

Location: Wortwell, United Kingdom

A brisk northerly cross-wind breeze didn't stop some excellent times being posted on a sunny and relatively mild morning. Feat of the day had to be credited to Harley Matthews (Team Pedal Revolution) who suffered an instant puncture with two miles to go, crashed and rode the last two miles on a flat and with bad road rash! Results have been posted on the velouk website.

Results: Men

1 Paul Jay Team Velo 00:21:32
2 Mark Richards VC Baracchi 00:21:41
3 James Trenchard Godric CC 00:21:44
7 John Swindells Iceni Velo 00:22:12
51 Richard Fiddament Iceni Velo 00:24:33
62 Richard Herrell Iceni Velo 00:25:19
63 Gareth Townsend Iceni Velo 00:25:27

Results: Women

1 Kimberley Halton-Farrow Tri Anglia 00:23:44

Results: Juniors

1 Dougal Toms Iceni Velo 00:23:47

I was happy with my performance, concentrating on keeping my 3s avg power between 320 and 360 watts. I unintentionally rode quite a low cadence, just keeping it in top gear for most of the time. I rode to and from the event, and here's my ride (including the time trial) on Strava:

GYCC Good Friday '10 TT (riding there and back as well)

Ride on 2016-03-25 07:25:11, at Norwich

Gear: Ribble TT bike

150km in 4:26:04

Average speed33.8 kmh
Max speed56.9 kmh
Average heart rate146 bpm
Average power236 Watts
Elevation gain575 metres

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Outward leg: 43.3kmh, 336W, 169bpm, 78rpm

Return leg: 43.9kmh, 337W, 174bpm, 83rpm

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