CC Breckland 10-mile time trial

Location: Hingham, United Kingdom

Conditions were tough in this early season out-and-back event on the Watton Road between Hingham and Watton. A strong, chilly north-westerly breeze made the going hard in both directions, and riders took great care on the damp roundabout turn. CTT has published the prize winners and full results.

Results: Men

1 David McGaw Cambridge CC 00:21:19
2 Daniel Bloy Team Velo 00:21:35
3 Paul Jay Team Velo 00:22:28
4 Jim Hardwicke Plomesgate CC 00:22:53
4 Andrew Leggett Team Velo 00:22:53
6 Paul Groombridge Iceni Velo 00:22:58
7 John Swindells Iceni Velo 00:23:04
7 Nick Partridge Plomesgate CC 00:23:04
18 Simon Millard Iceni Velo 00:24:26

Results: Women

1 Jenny Smart VC Norwich 00:27:03

I rode down to the event, which was fine (except for being a bit wet), but the ride home was really hard work in the wind, rain and hail. Here are my rides from Strava:

CC Breckland 10-mile time trial (B10/19 course)

Ride on 2016-03-05 14:20:57, at

Gear: Ribble TT bike

16km in 0:23:11

Average speed41.7 kmh
Max speed50.0 kmh
Average heart rate169 bpm
Average power318 Watts
Elevation gain24 metres

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To & from the Breckland TT

Ride on 2016-03-05 11:11:57, at Norwich

Gear: Ribble TT bike

103km in 3:09:50

Average speed32.7 kmh
Max speed51.1 kmh
Average heart rate150 bpm
Average power176 Watts
Elevation gain440 metres

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