Fit a visor to your aero helmet!

For years I've been riding time trials with a standard pointy "Giro Advantage" aero helmet, and apart from the amplified road noise am quite happy with it. However, I've always just worn it in tandem with a pair of sunglasses, to protect my eyes from the inevitable bug impacts. Recently I've read that visors are the best accessory for this purpose, so I took the mental leap and created my own visor! Here's my recipe:

  • Buy an A4 sheet of clear acetate from a craft shop; it should set you back around 50p.
  • Have some sticky tape and PVC insulation tape handy, and a marker pen and a pair of scissors.
  • Put the helmet on, and use a couple of lengths of sticky tape to loosely fix the acetate sheet over the front of the helmet, so that the sheet presses against your nose.
  • Take the helmet off, and use the marker pen to draw an outline on the sheet of where to cut. The visor needs to sit just above your nose, and I cut a small notch into the sheet so that the visor won't rub against my nose.
  • Check that the sheet will still fit neatly against the helmet, without any gaps, and use the PVC tape to stick it, along the top of the visor, to the helmet.


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