Godric CC 25-mile time trial

Location: Redenhall, United Kingdom

Calm and mild weather set the scene for a course record today, and it was indeed broken - by Justin Homeward (VC Revolution) in a time of 52:43. Daniel Bloy (Team Velovelocity) also broke the old record, but will have to try even harder next time!

Results: Men

1 Justin Homeward VC Revolution 00:52:43
2 Daniel Bloy Team Velo Velocity.co.uk 00:53:17
3 Paul Jay Team Velo Velocity.co.uk 00:55:45
4 Dan Blackburn Oxion CC 00:56:11
5 Mark Richards VC Baracchi 00:56:37
6 Duncan Gilbert Chelmer CC 00:56:42
7 John Swindells Iceni Velo 00:56:46
8 Jason Turner Norwich ABC 00:56:49
18 Gavin Money Iceni Velo 01:00:22

Results: Women

1 Sally Withy VC Norwich 01:07:28

Results: Juniors

1 Morgan Clarke Team Pedal Revolution 01:04:10

This was my ride, on Strava:

Godric CC 25-mile time trial (B25/50)

Ride on 2015-09-27 08:34:54, at Harleston

Gear: Ribble TT bike

40km in 0:56:53

Average speed42.6 kmh
Max speed48.2 kmh
Average heart rate163 bpm
Average power322 Watts
Elevation gain45 metres

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Godric CC 25 time trial results

Godric CC 25 time trial results


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