Men's National 25-mile time trial champs

Location: SL7 1JE, United Kingdom

All 111 finishers enjoyed almost perfect weather conditions for the "Blue Riband" time trialling event of the UK, and Ryan Perry (Langdale Lightweights RT) forced the pace on the return leg to win by 20s, pushing defending champion Matt Bottril ( into 2nd. Here are the full results, published on Facebook.

My ride was rather less successful, as I had to stop once when my chain unshipped on a climb, and had to slow for a short time when it unshipped again.

Results: Men

1 Ryan Perry Langdale Lightweights RT 00:48:04
2 Matt Bottrill 00:48:24
3 Kieron Jarvis 00:48:36
82 John Swindells Iceni Velo 00:56:48

National 25-mile time trial

Ride on 2015-08-02 06:11:52, at Marlow with 3 others

Gear: Ribble TT bike

40km in 0:56:43

Average speed42.6 kmh
Max speed61.9 kmh
Average heart rate166 bpm
Average power308 Watts
Elevation gain208 metres

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Huge huge thanks to Gordon and Margaret Wright, High Wycombe CC and the countless marshals and helpers. The whole event was extremely professional, the dedication to make the course work in spite of red tape was humbling, and the shouts of encouragement from the roadside were much appreciated.

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