EDCA 100-mile District Champs

Location: Attleborough, United Kingdom

The weather was good and times were fast for the 70 riders of this 100-mile time trial. In overcast and calm conditions, the air temperature was subdued at 11 degrees C, rising to 15 degrees during the morning. The wind was almost non-existent at the start, gradually picking up to a brisk south-westerly breeze. Times were fast, and my initial elation at posting a PB of 3h52 was dented somewhat by the many times that were faster than mine. I'd been heading for a sub-3h50 time, up until the last 20 miles when my average dropped below 25mph as cramp and saddle discomfort set in.

Results: Men

1 Joel Wainman Team Swift 03:33:28
2 Daniel Bloy Team Velo Velocity.co.uk 03:35:55
3 Dave Green Team Velo Velocity.co.uk 03:40:42
4 David Shepherd G.S. Stella 03:47:17
5 Lawrence Wintergold Hounslow & Dist CC 03:47:55
6 Angus Jardine Ipswich BC 03:50:51
7 Ian Turner North Road CC 03:51:01
8 John Swindells Iceni Velo 03:52:27

Results: Women

1 Mary Bower Chelmer CC 04:12:26
2 Claire Kitching Newbury RC 04:17:52

EDCA 100-mile time trial; PB with a 3:52!

Ride on 2015-07-26 06:15:57, at Spooner Row

Gear: Ribble TT bike

161km in 3:52:30

Average speed41.6 kmh
Max speed54.4 kmh
Average heart rate161 bpm
Average power306 Watts
Elevation gain333 metres

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