Stowmarket & Dist CC 20-mile time trial

Location: Debenham, United Kingdom

A mild north-easterly breeze in dry conditions gave riders a reasonably comfortable ride, and James Trenchard's time of 45:06 confirmed that. Full results on the timetriallingforum website.

Results: Men

1 James Trenchard Team Pedal Revolution 00:45:06
2 Andrew Bean Team Pedal Revolution 00:46:34
3 Ben Keeley Team Velo 00:47:32
4 Antony Birt Ipswich BC 00:47:41
7 John Swindells Iceni Velo 00:48:27

Results: Women

1 Verity Smith Stowmarket & District CC 00:55:42
2 Karen Eaton Wolsey RC 01:01:08
3 Emma Beard Stowmarket & District CC 01:01:51

Here's my ride:

Stowmarket & District 20-mile TT

Ride on 2015-04-04 13:20:32, at Stowmarket

Gear: Ribble TT bike

32km in 0:48:34

Average speed39.3 kmh
Max speed61.2 kmh
Average heart rate166 bpm
Average power268 Watts
Elevation gain141 metres

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