Gt Yarmouth CC Good Friday '10 TT

Location: Harleston, United Kingdom

Competitors enjoyed relatively tame weather conditions for this popular tem-mile blast along the A143. There were hints of rain and a gentle southerly cross-wind, but nothing to cause problems.

Results: Men

1 Joe Skipper Rock Estate 00:20:46
2 Jim Burgess Anglia Velo 00:21:28
3 James Trenchard Team Pedal Revolution 00:21:36
4 Andrew Bean Team Pedal Revolution 00:21:42
7 Paul Groombridge Iceni Velo 00:22:43
9 John Swindells Iceni Velo 00:22:46
21 Richard Fiddament Iceni Velo 00:24:04
49 Roy Rowland Iceni Velo 00:26:04

Results: Women

1 Anna Muir Colchester Rovers CC 00:25:42
2 Francesca Rust Team Velo 00:26:22
10 Emma Fox Iceni Velo 00:30:03

Results: Juniors

1 Declan Davis CC Breckland 00:24:40

My ride on Strava:

Gt Yarmouth CC '10: weather not great, but ride was ok

Ride on 2015-04-03 09:20:58, at Harleston

Gear: Ribble TT bike

16km in 0:22:48

Average speed42.4 kmh
Max speed47.2 kmh
Average heart rate168 bpm
Average power321 Watts
Elevation gain10 metres

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