10-mile time trial: Strada Sport

It was a sluggish evening for the riders, and even Jim Burgess (Anglia Velo) could only manage a 21:34 to win the event. Harley Matthews (Strada Sport) put in a big effort to finish 4th, and Neil Turner (GYCC) rode strongly to post a sub-23 time. I couldn't get up to speed, though, and it was probably a due to my eating a full meal too close to the start, combined with almost zero warm-up because I was running late. I was riding a fixed-wheel disc for the first time in ages, but that almost certainly wasn't a reason for my slow time.

Results: Men

1 Jim Burgess Anglia Velo 00:21:34
2 Stuart Pryce Strada Sport 00:21:58
3 James Trenchard Godric CC 00:22:00
4 Harley Matthews Strada Sport 00:22:09
10 Neil Turner Great Yarmouth CC 00:22:50
13 John Swindells Great Yarmouth CC 00:23:45

Time trial on B10/43 course

Ride on 2013-07-11 18:11:10, at Harleston IP20, UK

Gear: Dave Lloyd fixed (Dave Lloyd 753 frame)

16km in 0:23:52

Average speed40.6 kmh
Max speed45.7 kmh
Average heart rate167 bpm
Average power283 Watts
Elevation gain23 metres

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