25-mile time trial: East District Champs

Using the same roads as the National 10 recently, this two-loop undulating course was ideal as a semi-sporting '25. The road surface was far from perfect, with some quite large pot-holed stretches to be avoided at all costs, and the turns were very tight, but the low traffic volumes made it a nice ride. Thanks very much to Steve Rush for the photo of me!

Results: Men

1 Scott Davidson Team Velo Velocity.co.uk 00:57:58
2 Charlie Nurse North Norfolk Wheelers 00:59:21
3 Mark Solley Diss & District CC 00:59:24
4 John Swindells Great Yarmouth CC 00:59:37

Results: Women

1 Aimee Stocker Spalding CC 01:10:58

My performance

I rode the Cannondale, with the usual Zipp rear disc and Spinergy front. After an early pasta tea (two hours before the start) I only consumed 1 litre of energy drink. The Strava Suffer Score chart on the right shows that I was in my threshold zone for most of the ride, and further analysis reveals that I was below that zone for the first six minutes; thereon in I was consistently between 165 and 170 bpm. That's a reasonable demand on the heart, but it also shows that my legs just aren't quite up to speed yet. I should really be sustaining 170-175bpm for this distance. I certainly thought that I was working hard, but in my defence I hadn't figured out how to get my Garmin Edge to display heart rate on-screen! Next time will be different...

CC Breckland '25 TT

Ride on 2013-06-05 18:06:56, at Thetford, UK

Gear: Cannondale TT bike (Cannondale Unknown)

40km in 0:59:49

Average speed40.5 kmh
Max speed49.7 kmh
Average heart rate165 bpm
Average power291 Watts
Elevation gain151 metres

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