17 March 2013: Great Yarmouth CC 25-mile time trial

Played out in chilly conditions, gritty and dampish roads, and a rising southerly breeze, this sporting course event tested the staying power of riders and marshals alike. The entry list was quite short, but the presence of perennially fast riders such as Charlie Nurse, Stuart Pryce and Glenn Taylor meant that sub-hour rides should be possible.

The solo event was won by Stuart Pryce. Handicap was won by Phil Denby. Dave Staff and Geoff Frost won the 2-up event.

Results: Men

1 Stuart Pryce Strada Sport 00:58:20
2 Glenn Taylor Shorter Rochford RT 00:59:21
3 James Trenchard Godric CC 00:59:32
7 John Swindells Great Yarmouth CC 01:00:45
12 Harley Matthews Strada Sport 01:05:04
16 Phil Denby Great Yarmouth CC 01:07:10
17 Julian Claxton Great Yarmouth CC 01:07:15
20 Clive Julian Great Yarmouth CC 01:11:57
22 Louis Julian Great Yarmouth CC 01:14:48
23 Mark Dixon Great Yarmouth CC 01:17:13
24 Gary Durrant Great Yarmouth CC 01:18:08
26 Lee Hurren Great Yarmouth CC 01:24:13

Results: Women

3 Adele Postle Great Yarmouth CC 01:32:09

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