C.C. Breckland '50(Course B50/17)

Date: Sunday 25 May, 1997

Men: M. Adams (Kings Lynn CC) 1:53:19
Women: Catherine Essex (Kings Lynn CC) 2:08:10
     ...UEA RESULTS...  
    Name                          Time      Position (with ranking)
    Andy Tyler                    1:57:39   4
    John Swindells                2:00:18   6

Insufficient attention to physiology was the order of the day for our UEA riders on this new three-circuit course on the A11: Andy was suffering from aching limbs after a hard day's work on Saturday, and John failed to get his body warmed up sufficiently.
The result was a gruesome first circuit for Andy (after which he picked up to salvage 4th place), and an attack of lethargy from John who saw his heart-rate drop below 150 during the second circuit.
Bit of a shame really - sunny and warm, with a direct (if a bit strong) wind blowing down the dual carriageway.


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