Open event results

Winning time and UEA-CC times given.


Norwich C.A. '25 (B25/35)

Sunday 13th October, 1996

Solo Martin Pyne (Leo RC) 54:58
Tandem Alan Newark,Andy Tyler (CC Breckland) 53:17
    John Swindells,
    David Cooper		55:54		(2)
    Jo Tuck			DNS
A bit a a hilly course for tandems, this one. Alan and Andy grabbed most of the winning margin on the outward, headwind section, even though back troubles slowed John and Dave down on the return leg.

Jo decided that discretion was the better part of valour for her solo run, feeling under the weather. Still, there's always the next time...

Norwich C.A. '10 (B10/44)

Saturday 12th October, 1996

Solo Martin Pyne (Leo R.C.) 20:38
Tandem Andy Tyler, John Swindells (CC Breckland) 19:55
    David Cooper		24:18		()
    Jo Tuck			27:35		()
Fighting off tough competition from the Gary Empson/Andy Everett partnership, Andy and John smashed the 21-minute course record in sunny (Solar eclipse!) but windy conditions. A headwind outward leg for the early riders turned into a tough crosswind by the time the tandems set off, which was advantageous for the UEA pair's under-geared Jack Taylor tandem.

Jo was seconds off her PB, while Dave showed an encouraging return to form after a break of many months.

CC Breckland '10 (2-up, Tandem)

Sunday 22nd September, 1996

Tandem Andy Tyler,John Swindells (CC Breckland) 19:54
They do it again! Following a blistering first tandem ride together (clocking 19:23), Andy and John relegated a pretty confident Polytechnic CC opposition into poor second place by more than a minute's margin.
John was still recovering from the 12-hour and Andy was just back from holidays, but both confidently fought the strong headwind breeze on the outward leg (averaging 25mph - a bit lame!), saving enough for the storming ride home.
Conditions were good (slightly wet roads --> slow turn), but a bit cooler than the first tandem ride. The 3G on the back didn't work miracles, then :-{

CC Breckland 12-hour (B12/2)

Sunday 15th September, 1996

Tony Barber (VC Norwich) 265 miles
    John Swindells		254 miles	(2)
With his best result of the season, John overcame the daunting prospect of riding for twelve hours without a break and beat his target of 250 miles by a wide margin.

Pedalling a low gear (almost always below 95", dropping to 78" towards the end) proved successful as cadence was held at a comfortable 90+rpm. Split times showed the pace starting off at a relatively leisurely pace, but the inevitable motivation barrier cut in around 130 miles.


Distance 25-mile time
25 1.07:00
200 1.22:00
225 1.22:00
250 1.22:00

A healthy supply of energy bars had been made for the day, but a bout of rice pudding at around 135 miles forced John to stick to liquids for the rest of the ride. Six litres of high-carb drink were downed in all, and he needed every drop.

Special praise to Ian Doe who kept John fed and watered throughout the day - "Without his help it would have been impossible - as it turned out, he did an absolutely marvellous job, always there with a bottle at the ready, and warning me to take it steady when I was speeding up."

CC Breckland '10 (B10/34)

Monday 26th August, 1996

Gary Empson (Kings Lynn CC) 20:48

    150 ran.

    Andy Tyler		21:02		(4)
B10/34, an allegedly fast course, was ruined once again by a speed-blunting crosswind that made the ride back a real grovel.
Andy had his hopes set on a sub-21 ride, but missed out by seconds:
"I was completely smashed at 9 miles, and God only knows how I stayed conscious over the last 300 yards. Hardest I have ever pushed myself. The result? 21:02!! Bugger!! Maybe next year..."

West Suffolk Wheelers Sporting '30 (B30/7)

Saturday 24th August, 1996

Martin Pyne (CC Breckland) 1.06:56
    Andy Tyler		1.10:08		(2)
Dreadful conditions! Absolutely pissing it down; in fact the later starters got caught in a violent thunderstorm, hail and all.
Andy commented: "A bolt of lightning struck a tree feet away from me within ten minutes of the start, so close I felt the heat! After that, all intentions of putting in a fast ride were forgotten."

Gt Yarmouth CC sporting '25 (BS13A)

Sunday 18th August, 1996

Tony Barber (VC Norwich) 58:42
    John Swindells		1.00:41		(5?)
Disappointed not to have gone under the hour mark on a bright and relatively calm day (strengthening southerly), John was nevertheless pleased with his overall standing. The top riders were recovering from a punishing '50 the day before, which might explain the slow winning times.

Colchester Rovers '50 (E7/50)

Sunday 11th August, 1996

G. Taylor (Leo RC) 1.54:14
    Andy Tyler		1.59:38		(3)
    John Swindells		2.05:52		(9)
An almost continuous, strengthening southerly crosswind on this almost-sporting course (the A120 with some by road loops), made the event tough to say the least.
Andy just clipped two hours to finish a satisfactory third, and John picked up the second handicap prize while setting a new PB by just under a minute.

Southend & County Wheelers '50 (E5/50)

Sunday 4th August, 1996

Andrew Meilak (West Kent RC) 1.50:06
    John Swindells		DNF
A premature end to the event was due to an accident in which John Stark of CC Breckland was killed. The circumstances are unclear, but it is understood that he collided with a stationary coach.

To make matters worse, John Swindells was heading for a time of 1h56m, a PB by enormous margins. Conditions were ideal, with a strengthening north-easterly tailwind breeze on the return leg.

Godric RC '25 (B25/25)

Sunday 4th August, 1996

Dave Gill (Diss & District CC) 55:04
    Andy Tyler		56:21		(4)
A rising crosswind put paid to the big boys making their mark, leaving early starter Dave Gill as the clear winner.

Godric CC '10 (B10/44)

Saturday 3rd August, 1996

Alan Newark (CC Breckland) 21:34
    Andy Tyler		21:41		(3)
    John Swindells		23:34		()
Brisk tailwind on the way out, and the subsequent headwind on the way back, made this event slower than usual. Having said that the top riders were very evenly paced, with the first four times within 9 seconds of each other.

John Has improved marginally on this course, but was disappointed not to acheive a PB in what were otherwise ideal riding conditions. Andy's hopes of acheiving a sub-21 now rest with the last fast '10 of the season, which I can't recall right now.

West Suffolk Wheelers '25 (B25/38)

Saturday 27th July, 1996

D. Staff () 52:44
    John Swindells		56:26		(3)
In with a staggering new PB but out of the prizes, John's average now stands at 26.58mph for a '25, leapfrogging his '10 time once again.

This time is a good 4 minutes faster than the previous week's attempt at 6AM on a slightly harder course (B25/29C), which goes to show how much difference the cold can make to some people.

Andy's DNS is due to (a) ineligibility for prizes, and (b) saving himself for tomorrow (another '25). Fortunately, Dave Staff was there to give John a benchmark.

Wolsey RC '25 (B25/29C)

Sunday 21st July, 1996

    Andy Tyler		  54:??		(6)
    John Swindells		1.00:50		()
A disappointing ride by John, put down to extreme cold at 6 in the morning. Luckier souls such as Andy put in a much healthier time, although generally times were nothing special.

Weather conditions on this undulating course were favourable, with just a light headwind on the return leg.

Essex Roads CC '100 (E5/100)

Sunday 14th July, 1996

Gethin Butler (Norwood Paragon CC) 3.36:32
    Andy Tyler		3.58:38		(7?)
    John Swindells		4.17:47		(17?)
It's the achievement of the year for Andy, with all his PBs now over 25mph average, picking up the handicap for his efforts as well. This time is also the best this year by an East Anglian rider for a '100.

John managed a significant improvement over the previous week, commenting: "The A12 was pretty rough and noisy, but at least there was a relaxing section of back roads to finish on".

The brisk wind didn't cause any problems, and a smattering of drizzle in the later stages of a rather humid ride provided welcome refreshment.

CC Breckland '100 (B100/7)

Sunday 7th July, 1996

Richard Boundy (CC Breckland) 3.58:41
    Andy Tyler		4.09:58		(3)
    John Swindells		4.29:06		(9)
Andy has proved that he can really handle the stamina requirements of a 100 mile time trial; the stage is set for one of the fastest courses in the country: the E5/100.

John's first '100 TT made him realise how much you need to eat before such a long event: "I was dreaming about Mars Bars for the last twenty miles".

So, the stage is set for the next weekend's ride on the A12, with Andy's target a plausible sub-4 hrs, and John's a realistic sub-4.29:06...

Ipswich BC '10 (B10/40)

Saturday 15th June, 1996

I. Cammish (Velo Viento) 20:47
    John Swindells		23:10		()
    Andy Tyler		DNF - Flat batteries!
A slick trundle up the A14 and down again provided John with his first sub-24mins time, averaging at 25.9mph. A slight outward headwind made very little difference.
As for Andy, he's now blaming his loss of form on a peanut allergy. The proof is in the pudding, but all the indications are that tasty foods are out.

CC Breckland '10 (B10/3E)

Wednesday 5th June, 1996

Tandems L. Headford (RAF CC), G. Simcock (St Ives CC) 19:52

Solo Zak Carr (Leo RC) 20:13

    John Swindells,
    Dave Cooper		21:16		(3)
    Andy Tyler		21:50		(6)
Andy's finally beaten into second place in the UEA-CC! It took two if us, though - and it was the undulating A11 concrete course was pretty favourable for tandems.
John and Dave managed to swipe almost 3 minutes off their previous time. If only this tandem event had been handicapped!
Things are really looking up for Andy, and it's just a matter of time before he's scooping number 1 spot again.

CC Sudbury '25 (B25/38)

Saturday 1st June, 1996

Glenn Taylor (Leo RC) 52:46
    John Swindells		59:26		(51)
He finally does it! The feeling was indescribable, believe me!
Sub-hour, average 25.2mph; the question is, what's the next target? 26mph? Sub-59?
The course itself wasn't the smoothest in the world (A14 Bury bypass) and a deceptive tailwind on the outward leg didn't turn on the return into quite the headwind one would have expected. Overall an exhausting ride, but worth it!

VC Norwich '10 (B10/44)

Saturday 25th May, 1996

Tony Barber (VC Norwich) 21:28
    John Swindells		24:12		()
On a seriously windy course, lone UEA rider John put in a typical performance within 2 seconds of his PB.
Despite a headwind on the outward leg of the silky-smooth A143 west of Bungay, the return assistance was not entirely favourable.
That 25+ average still alludes him...

CC Breackland, '10 (B10/3C)

Wednesday 22nd May, 1996

    Andy Tyler		22:38		(2)
    Jo Tuck			DNF
    John Swindells,
    Dave Cooper		24:06		(3) (out of 5!)
Oh, what a fun ride! On a blustery, squally evening the crew deposited themselves in the middle of nowhere; the trip to the HQ proved too much for the tandem's rear wheel, so the kind boys from Polytechnic CC loaned a spare.
On the time trial itself, Andy showed a marked improvement in performance on the unforgiving A11 course, while Jo's navigational skills wandered slightly to take her off course. John and Dave noticed spongy tyres about two-thirds of the way round, and on the final descent the tub on that borrowed wheel did a roller. Fortunately no real damage was done (except for worn cleats on the walk back to the HQ) and the wheel was returned to its unconcerned owner.

Barnett C.C. '10 (F1/10)

Saturday 18th May, 1996

    Andy Tyler				
    Dave Cooper		23:54		
    Jo Tuck				
I wasn't there, so what would I know??

West Suffolk Wheelers '50 (B50/13)

Sunday 5th May, 1996

Ian Cammish (Velo Vento) 1.44:26

Ladies: Catherine Essex (Kings Lynn C.C.) 2.02:42

Team: V.C. Deal

    John Swindells		2.06:44		(42)
    Jo Tuck			2.48:26		(81)
What a long way! The first '50 TT for Jo and John, and with a headwind on the return leg to boot!
This now gives both riders a target to beat (I'll do sub-2hrs! - John), and leaves the question: where were the rest of you???

Kings Lynn C.C. '10 (B10/37)

Saturday 4th May, 1996

A. Newark (C.C. Breckland) 21:22
    Andy Tyler		22:45		()
    John Swindells		24:15		()
A relatively por ride from Andy has caused him to rethink the next few weeks - perhaps some recuperation is in order.

Despite favourable wind conditions (no crosswind) John failed to better the previous weekend's result. He managed to pick up the 1st Handicap prize by a long way, though.

Luton Arrow CC Open '10

Saturday 30th March, 1996

G. Dighton (Leo R.C.) 20:14
    Andy Tyler            21.19           (13)
    Jo Tuck               27:27           (93)
    John Swindells        DNS
Strong ride by Andy on a fast course, but with nasty crosswinds.

Jo picked up the Best Improver's prize.

Plomesgate CC Open 2-up '25 TT

Saturday 9th March, 1996

William Moore, Zak Carr (Leo RC) 55:03
    David Cooper,
    John Swindells		1.08:48		()
    Andy Tyler (Solo)	56:00
Complete disaster! Due to unfortunate chain of events Andy was locked out of the car (with his shoes + tigerskin aero-helmet inside), causing him to miss his allocated ride with Richard Boundy. It is alleged that in an act of revenge Andy sprinkled tacks on the course, causing John to get a pancake puncture on the front tyre after 17 miles. Unperturbed, John ran over the finish line and Dave (Cooperman) had the slowest finishing speed ever!

Reacquainted with his equipment, Andy rode one magnificent lap of the two-lap course that extrapolates to around 56 minutes.

CC Breckland are reported to be none best pleased...

How about some photos?

CC Breckland '10

Saturday 2nd March, 1996

Andy Tyler (CC Breckland - fix!) 23:12
    Andy Tyler		23:12		(1)
    John Swindells		25:40		()
    Dave Cooper		26:30		()
    Dave Bailey		26:		()
    Jo Tuck			31:		()
Rain and cold were no handicap to Andy, who stormed to his first victory of the season. John put the two Dave's to shame (better luck next time!), but Jo was beaten into second place in the ladies category.

Ipswich BC 25-mile Hilly Time Trial

Saturday 24th February, 1996

Jes King (Pro Ckt. MTB) 01.02:11
    Jes King		01.02:11	(1)
    Andy Tyler		01.06:47	(6)
    John Swindells		01.09:05	(11)
One rider spun off, part of the course was flooded, and strong south-westerlies played merry tunes on the spokes. But it didn't rain...
Andy finished comfortably within the top ten, and John won the Handicap prize with a time of sub-50 mins! (How embarrassing!)
Claims are made by Andy of gear trouble, losing approximately 47 secs.
Still, it's all experience.

Ely & District '25' TT (Hardriders)

Date - Sun 11th February 1996.

70 Riders
    Andy Tyler               59:10         (5)
    John Swindells         1.07:06        (20)
    Jo Tuck                1:21:09        (46)
Andy got himself in Cycling Weekly with this one!


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