Eco-friendly Bike Spray!

Environmentally friendly bike lubricants and cleaners are traditionally just the drip-feed-from-a-bottle design, since traditional aerosols are quite nasty and resource-intensive.

Now you have a choice! Green Oil UK specialises in lubes and cleaners made from natural ingredients, and now has a spray bottle: the CF3 re-usable lube spray. This product arrives empty, and you choose whether to fill it with Green Oil cleaner or Green Oil lube.

Operation is very simple: after filling the container with lube or cleaner, screw the spray nozzle back on then place the plunger unit over the nozzle and pump it up and down several times. You'll need to experiment with how much to pump before there's sufficient air pressure, but just give it a go!

My choice for this nifty, refillable gadget is to use it for cleaning. It's difficult to get the cleaner into all the nooks and crannies on a bike and its drivetrain, so the CF3 spray unit should really help with that. I think that it's better to apply bike lube straight from the bottle, dripping it out exactly where it's needed.


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