Bike Lights Order

This is my order from UK Bikestore, mostly for the Topeak light:
TMS012 	        TOPEAK MOONSHINE COMMUTER FRONT LIGHT	1	        £76.59	£76.59
EH912282 	BLACKBURN QUADRANT 4 LED FRONT LIGHT	1        	£15.31	£15.31
W6026R 	        CLARKS MTB INNER REAR BRAKE CABLE 	2	        £1.44	£2.88
W6026F 	        CLARKS MTB INNER FRONT BRAKE CABLE 	2	        £1.44	£2.88
W6119 	        CLARKS MTB CLIM8 INNER GEAR CABLE	2	        £1.91	£3.82
GT85 	        GT85 LUBRICANT	                        2         	£2.13	£4.26
Subtotal	                                                                £105.74
Shipping Net of VAT	                                                        £0.85
VAT	                                                                        £18.65
Total	                                                                        £125.24


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