BUSA Championship: 4UP Team Time Trial (BS/21)


Manchester Uni 'A' 1.04:44

UEA CC Ladies 1.38:30

    Dave Bailey,
    Dave Cooper,
    John Swindells        1.17:46        (13)
    Katy Sinka,
    Naamah Zitomersky
    Gertraud Stuhlmacher,
    Jo Tuck               1.38:20        (21)
Due to administrative cockups and Adam Wild's dodgy knee, the men's team was reduced to three - that didn't stop them putting in a respectable time on a foggy and a bit hilly (but basically fast) course. The ladies team put in a fine effort to take the Gold.

Andy's team (CC Breakland) didn't do too badly either: 1.07.??. They started later, so it was warmer by then... Desperately looking for excuses


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