50 Miles (C.C. Breckland) B50/11

GOLD Nic Hutchings (Bath) 1.52:00

SILVER Michael Hutchinson (Cambridge) 1.54:34

BRONZE Tony Hornbuckle (Cambridge) 1.59:20

LADIES GOLD Brenda Allen (Oxford) 2.14:43

TEAMCambridge Univ. (Hutchinson, Hornbuckle, English) 5.53:55

    Dave Cooper		2.09:16		(10)
    John Swindells		2.12:11		(11)
    Jo Tuck			2.38:58		(17)
    Andy Tyler		DNF
Mixed feelings on this one - Dave put in an impressive novice time on an undulating course and Jo improved by almost 10 minutes; John on the other hand had a lousy time, suffering at the hands of the strong return headwind, and Andy punctured at the turn (aren't tubs expensive...).
So it looks like a bright future for Jo and Dave, and a bit of a rethink for John and Andy.


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